Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Family Home Evening

For FHE last night, we talked about Order. I used a lesson called A House of Order. I got it from a website, I believe LDS Share, but the lesson is from the Church's FHE ideas too. (If any of that made sense.)

I liked how it explained order: "An orderly home is a home where parents preside, direct, and teach; where all have responsibilities and are considerate and thoughtful of each other; and where family members are knit together with love."

"The word order means, among other things, the way in which things are placed or a condition in which everything is in its right place. ... Order comes to a home when everyone understands and carries out his responsibilities. The opposite of order is confusion. Confusion comes when people do not know what is expected of them."

We just read the lesson. We made soft serve ice cream earlier in the day so I guess that was our treat because we did our lesson at 9:30 at night :).

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