Friday, January 23, 2009

Order and Homemaking

Like I said before, when I think of order, I think of an organized home with everything in its place. This I struggle with. That's probably why I think of neat & organized when I hear the word order. So, these are reasons why I struggle:
~ I am truly a perfectionist and I put things
off until I can deal with them perfectly, which
leaves a lot of unfinished projects and things
without a home and sacks of paper.

~ I don't pick up after myself when I'm working on a
project. I tell myself that I'll come back to it and it
is usually a few days later when I get back to it.

~ Life happens. I wish sometimes (all the time) that I
could stop time and just do what I needed to do
and then continue on with life.

~ I honestly think I have ADD or something. I was
reading somewhere that said how girls usually don't
get diagnosed with ADD, but it manifests itself when
girls get older and gain more responsibility. That fits

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