Friday, January 23, 2009

Order and Homemaking, Part 2

I thought this would be easier to read if I broke it up.

A few projects I am working on now to become "organized" are:

~ Going through each room and finding a home for every little thing.

~ Getting boxes or totes to store all of my projects so I can pick up after myself and still have
easy access to my projects.

~ Making a chart of daily routines for my DS.

~ Making daily to-do cards for myself.

~ Making a Family Info Binder, plus a personal Binder for me.

I am torn between getting the house decluttered and making our charts and schedules. I don't know which one to concentrate on first, so I do a little bit of both.

I'll post more about what I've finished with pictures later.

One last thought ~ I do believe there is a connection between clutter and behavior and how we view ourselves. The more uncluttered our homes are, the more able we are to focus on teaching and training our children in the gospel and building lasting relationships with our families and focusing on what's really important and (one more and) making sure our personal lives are in harmony with the gospel teachings. Also, we feel better about ourselves and are happier which spreads to our family. Also, I don't know about this yet, but I'm hoping there's a correlation ~ our children will be better behaved. (I'm thinking that children (my child) get overwhelmed and easily distacted with all the clutter.)

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